August 2, 2009

The completion of  page 1 which is the Title of Invention Program, Project Location, Clientele Profile, Common Reading Difficulties, Time Frame, Schedule, Methodology and Strategies.

The class discussion is about “Building Literacy: A Classroom Intervention Program

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Direct Systematic Instruction
  3. Selecting Student
  4. Size of Group
  5. Scheduling Instruction
  6. Materials
  7. Evaluation
  8. Parental Involvement
  9. Professional Support

Source: Module 6.1 Curriculum Instruction: The Teaching of English – Reading pp. 71-73

August 8, 2009

The completion of  page 2 is about the Clientele’s Profile. It is about the Name of  Respondents with Age, Address, Name of Parents, Order of Birth in the family, Educational Background, Reading Materials at home.

A report on Unit II. Understanding Reading: Defining and Redefining Beliefs

A. What is reading

B. Understanding the reading process

  1. Reading is linear.
  2. Reading is cyclical.
  3. Reading is transactional.

Aspects That Influence Reading development

  1. Cognitive Aspect – Piaget viewed language development as a product of cognitive growth and he popularized the “decentralization”. On the other hand, Vygotsky believed that cognitive development was very much affected or the result of interaction and collaboration with other individuals in the community and environment called zone of proximal development.

a. Egocentric speech – 0 – 2 years old

b. socialized speech – 7- 8 years old

  1. Affective Aspect – The affective aspect of reading includes attitudes, motivation, interests, beliefs, feelings and values.
  2. Social Aspect – Children’s and Adults’ communicative knowledge, habits, and behaviors are directly influenced by the culture or society into which they are born.
  3. Linguistic Aspect –

a. The Semantic Cuing System in Language

b. The Syntactic Cuing System in Language

c. Graphonic Cuing System in Language

To hear an audio click this keyword: Aspects That Influence Reading Development

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